Important: Last day for Visa assistance is Friday, 4 October 2019.

Visa applications for many countries can take up to 30 days including courier and processing time. If you require a visa and have not started applying before this date then please cancel your attendance.

We will not refund any conference fees if you fail to cancel your attendance due to visa issues.

Hong Kong Visa Applications

Most nationals do not require a visa to visit Hong Kong. However, if you have never traveled to Hong Kong on your current passport then please double check.

If you do require a visa then our Hong Kong based member Sea Air Logistics (HK) Ltd. have kindly volunteered to act as the required LOCAL SPONSOR (necessary when applying for a Hong Kong visa).

Hong Kong visas should be applied through a China Embassy or Consulate nearest you. This is the easiest method. However, if this is not possible then you can apply for a visa through Sea Air Logistics (HK) via WCA. WCA will screen your visa application before forwarding to Sea Air Logistics for further action.

  1. Check to see whether you need to obtain a visa at

  2. If you require a visa then download the visa application form ID 1003A from

  3. Fill in all sections except “5. Sponsor in Hong Kong” (this section will be completed by Sea Air Logistics who will act as your sponsor).

  4. Download the Invitation Letter by logging onto the conference website’s Registration / Shopping Cart area (NON you must put the link to the registration page here). Click on Download Invitation Letter.

  5. Fill in the invitation letter form and send to WCA will sign the invitation letter and scan back to you.

  6. Send the completed form ID 1003A and all required supporting documents such as photographs, bank statements, invitation letter, passport copy, etc., to for screening.

  7. If all documents are in order then you will be instructed to courier all documents to the following person. Please do not courier everything to her unless told to do so.

    Ms. Ruby Yuen
    Sea-Air Logistics (HK) Ltd
    8th Floor, 102 Austin Road
    Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 2376 3818

  8. After receiving your original application form and supporting documents, Sea Air Logistics will fill in section “5. Sponsor in Hong Kong” along with another form (applicable to sponsors) and submit everything directly to the Department of Immigration in Hong Kong on your behalf.

  9. Sea Air Logistics will also pay all applicable visa application fees on your behalf and the conference organizer will invoice you for these fees at a later date. You must pay for the visa application to the conference organizer regardless whether your visa application was successful or not.

  10. Your visa (if granted) will be couriered to your office by Sea Air Logistics so please ensure that you provide the correct mailing address and telephone number on your application forms. The conference organizer will invoice you USD 65 for the courier fee together with the applicable visa application fee at a later date.

  11. Your visa will be in the form of a sticker and you will be required to insert it into your passport yourself.

Please note that Sea Air Logistics (HK) Ltd has graciously volunteered their time and resources to assist all delegates so that you have a better chance at securing a visa to attend the event.

We kindly request you to ensure that you correctly fill in the forms and submit ALL the required supporting documents to Sea Air Logistics (HK) Ltd. in one go. Not following this advice will cause delays in your visa application and neither Sea Air Logistics or WCA will be held responsible for any problems caused due to delays.

Please also note that the only way to contact the Department of Immigration in Hong Kong to follow up on visa applications is by email so we kindly request you not to chase Sea Air Logistics for a speedy outcome as they too will only be able to follow up on your visa application by email.

Very Important!

  • DEADLINE for submitting visa applications to Sea Air Logistics is Friday, 4 October 2019.
  • Please ensure that you start your visa application process immediately and do not put it off until the last minute. It can take citizens of some countries up to 30 working days to process their applications.

For additional information or assistance please contact