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One-on-One Meeting
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Hilton Amsterdam

2019 WCA Projects Annual Conference
May 24 – 26 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 13th Annual WCA Projects Conference will be held at the Hilton Amsterdam from May 24 - 26. Amsterdam is a convenient destination to fly into from all around the world, with excellent train connections throughout Europe, as well. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots to see and do, so allow some extra time there before or after the conference!

For 2019, we will have our original three-day agenda with an opening cocktail and two days of meetings and social events. WCA Projects will have extended One-on-One meeting times, professional discussions, and a great awards dinner with entertainment and Best Partner awards.

We are changing our starting day format from the usual tour to a ‘team building’ experience starting in early afternoon (no early morning tour) that will also give people an opportunity to see some sights, and a bit of fun competition between teams. We strongly encourage everyone, especially new members and new attendees, to join the team building ‘tour’ so you start the conference with new contacts.

For those first attending Breakbulk Europe in Bremen, it may be a close connect to arrive in Amsterdam in time for the team building ‘tour’ (starting at 13:00 hrs), but it is possible.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Active members get more business and more value from their membership – plus, they make good friends from all around the world.